Our Firm

ABC Financial LLC was formed in 2003 from a company that has been around since 1902.  Babbitt-Sholund Insurance Agency Inc mainly handled commercial and individual property & casualty insurance. Owner Mike Marta purchased Babbitt-Sholund Insurance Agency Inc in 1986 which employed two people at the time; he & an administrative assistant. Since then, the company grew to nearly forty people and three different locations. Mike says the growth occurred from practicing Honesty, Integrity, and employing the best people to take care of our clients.

Over the years,we have been doing Investments, Financial Planning and Group Employee benefits for employers all over Wisconsin. After the property casualty business was sold.. We maintained all of the Investment clients, Group Health & Life employee benefits and formed ABC Financial LLC.


We have been helping people reach their financial goals since 1984. If attention to details and integrity are important to you then please consider our team.